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"Took a used car here for pre-purchase inspection in Dec 2019. Very professional and explain all the problems clearly. They advised me how much I could negotiate for and I got a discount from the dealer. Highly recommend this place!"

— T.C.

"I love this place! I had issues with my 98 Subaru 2 years ago I took it here and I've been going here since then! They're very professional, welcoming and patient. They always answer all my questions and don't mind when I need to take a little time for a decision. I'll be moving away soon and I will miss having this trustworthy place to bring my car in. I highly recommend coming here!"

— H.Q.

"I build a lot of old cars. I've never had a car fixed here, but Willy is extremely knowledgeable about VW's. He literally knows everything that I have a question about. 5 stars for that"

— J.S.

"Locally owned for YEARS!!! Great repair shop that is honest and does good work on all foreign cars. Organized and willing to provide a good reference if it is something they do not specialize in. Been going to them for years and referred friends there. Car is always done when promised and the people working there are always personable and helpful."

— M.T.

"Top Shop Automotive is the place to go for my automotive needs. These folks go above and beyond to keep my vintage VW on the road. "

— R.S.

"Been coming here for years. If you ever are looking for a new shop for your vehicle, come see Willy and the team. Honest, fair pricing, and they clearly value their customers."

— R.M.

"Awesome business! I totally recommend them! I was stranded just north of Santa Barbara. The tow truck recommended Top Shop and I'm glad he did. They have cameras watching the cars that are dropped off and I felt that my car would be safe. I dropped my keys into their drop slot and went to a hotel. After they opened on Monday, they called to let me know that there was a Kia recall that I may need. I felt that this showed their honest and professional nature. I'm sitting here now just waiting for the tow truck to take my car to the dealership. Everyone I encountered at Top Shop was friendly and courteous."

— G.S.

"Driving from San Francisco to Southern California on vacation, the last thing you want is to lose power to the engine while heading down the freeway, accompanied by an ominous clunk clunk clunk sound coming from under the hood. Luckily, I broke down right outside of Goleta, CA. AAA recommended Top Shop Automotive, and I think my car must have known where it would get the attention it deserved. Willie diagnosed the car overnight and explained what had happened in a way that I could understand. He has made himself available to both me and my mechanic, and stands by the work with a one-year warranty that I don't have to travel the length of the state to use if need be. My car is running better than it has in years. Now I don't have to think about buying a new car for at least 6-8 more years!

"Thank you, Willie, for being there when I broke down, and for taking such good care of me and my car. I almost wish I lived closer so that I could have Top Shop as my go-to auto repair shop."

— B.B.

"Oh Top Shop Automotive, how I love thee! Let me count the ways...

"I love this auto shop. They are the only place where I feel comfortable taking my car in. I trust Willie, the guy who works at the counter. He has always been friendly, accommodating, and honest to me. I have a budget to work with, and he knows this. He only tells me what needs to be worked on NOW, and we set up a schedule for repairs that can be done later on.

"I found Top Shop in February of last year, before buying my first car. When I moved away from SB last summer, I had to use other mechanics and it just wasn't the same. I didn't trust the other shops, and they didn't make me feel quite as comfortable and safe as this shop.

"Long live Top Shop!! :)

"P.S. They leave a business card and lollipop in your car after working on it. Yay!"

— A.M.

"Great experience. Great people. My new favorite place to take my car. I was very happy, and they are very honest. Told me what I should do down the road, in terms of repairing small things."

— S.F.

"My family and I have been customers for years and always received great service and excellent advice. Definitely helped us save a lot of money from more costly dealer repairs."

— A.R.

"Have done a great job with our old 1985 Mercedes. Now we take all 3 cars to Top Shop. Honest, good work, great communication, and nice people. Don't know what else to ask for in an auto shop!"

— S.G.

"Their are wonderful and listen to what you have to say about your car. I have a mazda rx7. 1987 and there was no problem about them trying to fix it call all over SLO and Santa Maria no one would work on it Top Shop is working on it. GREAT"

— C.C.

"Really happy with their service. Daughters' car broke down while she attends UCSB and we are 8 hours away. They were extremely professional and in constant contact , very detailed with analysis, presented options to save money, fixed some things on their own for free and repaired the problem under their original estimate! Totally recommend this business!"

— B.H.

"My first car I bought myself died on me and I had it towed in. The customer service from the first phone call along with the updates on my cars repairs and adjustments make this place a 5 star shop.

I was so pleased with their service and the work they did on my car. I'll be suggesting this place to everyone I know.

Thank you so much to Alex and Tess (I believe was her name) you made a traumatizing and scary adulthood issue for a 22 year old girl so much less frightening."

— K.G.

"Clean and organized shop. Very friendly, professional, and helpful. We were visiting from out of town and thought it might be a major transmission problem. Turned out to be a small part. They took the time to look up some information on our other car. Highly recommend!"

— J.W.

"I took my 1999 BMW M3 in due to overheating issues.

The customer service was amazing, they always kept me updated on what is happening with the car and how much it is going to cost. The staff is very knowledgeable and told me what the issues are with my car. Also, the price is very reasonable and they use OEM parts when fixing the car. In conclusion, I would definitely recommend taking your car here if you need to get it fixed."

— R.N.

"Excellent experience, given the circumstances (broken car). Front desk staff and the technicians were exceptionally friendly and helpful. My car was repaired and serviced days before I expected. Prices seemed reasonable. Explanations of how drive train had probably been damaged seemed expertly based on skill and experience. I will go there again."

— L.R.

"This place is amazing Tess and all her staff are awesome they help you with understanding every detail which for me was great cause I don't know a lot about car's. I would give them more star's if it was possible. They did an excellent job in such a timely manner. Thank you all so much."

— B.D.

"Just one of the most honest, fair priced shops in Santa Barbara with unparalleled customer service. Willy and Jerry have both saved me in a pinch, and gone above and beyond their services to help me out

"They are called Top Shop for a reason!"

— J.W.

"Never have I ever been treated so good and so respectfully at an automotive shop. The guys here didn't treat me like a customer.. man, this is going to sound super corny.. but they treated me like family. I was completely new to the area when my car just said, "nope, ain't gonna start for you" one day at Ralphs. I had my sister google a local repair shop and Top Shop was, so luckilly, the closest.

"It was my starter--there were a few other things that Willie--one of the gents who works there--mentioned about the car, but he said, "If you absolutely want to get them fixed, we'll do it, but otherwise I say don't worry about it because it's not affecting the safety of the car and won't damage it." *my rotors could use some machining :)

"Don't be scared away by Drew (another mechanic at Top Shop).. he has an interesting phone presence--comes off kinda jerky, but he was so sweet in person.

"I could ramble on for paragraphs but I'll just let you see for yourself."

— M.K.

"Very friendly service. I arrived there with a dead battery and they were very helpful and didn't seem like they were trying to make a quick buck. They even suggested a place down the street that had a part for cheaper because they didn't have it. I highly suggest this place as a go to shop if you're a car dunce or a car enthusiast."

— K.L.


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